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Las Médulas
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Check dates and times A few kilometers from Ponferrada LAS MÉDULAS are located, originally a gold mining in Roman times. Both from the geological point of view, landscape view or historical importance, this place is an essential visit in the … Read More

Villafranca Del Bierzo
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Check dates and times Villafranca del Bierzo is located on the Camino de Santiago, stands out for its large monumental heritage and its history. One example is the Convent of La Anunciada, 16th century, founded by the Marquis of the … Read More

Astorga and Maragatería
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Check dates and times A tour around the old Roman city of Asturica Augusta in Astorga. The end of tour is in Vía de la Plata. We will cross the Roman walls to enter in the historic center, where we … Read More


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